Conversations for change.

Heather Cameron, Manager – Supply Chain Transformation, Kohler, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

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Heather Cameron is a woman on a mission. To offer hope. To break stigmas. To give a voice to those suffering with mental health issues. 

“I want to help create a safe space for us to show up as our whole selves,” she explained. “Where it was once unsafe to talk about mental health at work, we are now having those conversations, and I want to be part of that.”

As the Manager – Supply Chain Transformation, Heather excels. She leads an amazing team responsible for identifying and implementing supply chain solutions to drive sales and improve customer service experience.  

But behind the scenes, she manages general anxiety and depression as part of her everyday life. Just like with other health conditions, it impacts her personality, her responses and how she approaches work. She draws similarities—and stark differences—with her experience spraining her ankle a few years ago.

“Colleagues were eager to hear how I sprained it and offer help navigating the hallways,” she said. “No one knew that during that same time, my depression moved from general to severe to crisis. But the same help wasn’t there for my mental health.”

While she’s happily beyond that state now, this experience motivated her to ensure that every Kohler associate feels that someone is there to listen when they need it most. To start, she joined the HeadsUP business resource group for mental health advocates, where she is now the co-president.

“I thrive when I’m able to be an advocate and ally for those that need help making their voice heard,” Heather said. “Helping to break the stigma in the workplace is why I got involved in HeadsUP.”

The 450-member group provides crisis assistance training, fundraises for local organizations, and shares tools and awareness education for associates. One of their greatest impacts has been the monthly peer support group that Heather helped to launch.

“We’re not just saying that we’re doing it; we ARE doing it,” she emphasized. “We’re creating a dedicated, purposeful space for mental health conversations that did not previously exist.”

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