Uncharted territory.

Amy Mitchell, IT Systems Project Manager, Kohler, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

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From a unique educational path to a deployment with the United States National Guard to creating her own job roles, Amy Mitchell has always taken the road less travelled. And we’re so happy that road led her to Kohler Co., not once, but twice.

“My path is a little different,” explained Amy, who spent nearly four years as a clinical laboratory science major before being deployed with the National Guard the fall semester of her senior year. “When I returned, I had a different outlook and decided to focus on communications and journalism.”

That drastic shift led her career down the path of digital project management, working in agency roles in the greater Chicago area before joining her now-husband, who also works at Kohler Co.

“During my first five years at Kohler, I was promoted twice—both to newly created positions—which provided me great opportunity to build a unique career,” said Amy, who worked as Digital Program Manager and Creative Resource Manager for our in-house communications agency. She was also nominated and accepted into NXT, our 18-month development program for emerging leaders.

Another fork in the road led Amy away from Kohler, and then back again. After trying out a new opportunity at a different company, we’re happy to say she returned just six short months later—joining the growing group of (what we like to affectionately call) Kohler Boomerangs.

Now a Systems Project Manager in our IT department, Amy said she missed working for a company with global resources and opportunities—which she fully enjoyed on her latest work trip to St. Andrews, Scotland.

One of the other reasons she came back? Her biggest curveball so far—parenthood.

“Kohler has been extremely supportive, allowing me to work four days per week for nearly three years while I transitioned to being a mom,” said Amy, who has two young daughters. “It’s nice to have control over how, where and when I work, making my career fit my life.”

From serving her country to bold career moves to balancing work and family, Amy Mitchell isn’t afraid to navigate uncharted territory, and that’s exactly what we love about her.

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