This is Kohler.

What we believe is fundamental to our success.

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This is Kohler.
We know your personal values and beliefs are important to you—they drive what you do, how you live, the decisions you make, and where you take your career journey. At Kohler, our journey is also shaped by
what we believe.

We live on the leading edge of innovation and design.
We strive to delight our customers and exceed their expectations with innovative, inclusive designs and experiences. We are everyday future thinkers. Problem solvers. Dreamers and doers. We thrive on challenging the norm, chasing the impossible, and tapping into the unlimited potential of our global associates.

We celebrate diversity, foster inclusion, and uphold equity for all. 
We believe in a safe, welcoming, and human-centered workplace where hate and discrimination have no home—ever. We cultivate an environment where our associates can thrive, grow, and be their best selves. When we engage a wide spectrum of people reflecting all the dimensions of diversity, we tap into our brightest ideas and boldest thinking. 

We strive to create a better planet, better communities, and better lives. 
We believe our best can always be better: better for the lives we touch, better for our communities, better for our planet, and better for business. This purpose drives us to take ownership and make improvements in ways, both small and large, to make the world a better place. Meaningful change, action, and impact begins with each one of us.

We lead boldly at all levels of the organization. 
Every associate is a leader at Kohler. Our leadership expectations are most critical to our future success and how we delight our customers. Our intentional focus and investment in leadership capability, along with our dedicated programs, tools, and resources, help us create better workplace experiences and stronger business results.
We do what’s right. 
We believe honesty and integrity are unnegotiable standards of character—and they represent how we choose to do business. For more than 145 years, ethical and compliant behavior have been at the foundation of our success and the success of our associates, customers, and partners.


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