Notice to Candidates: Recruitment Fraud

Kohler Co. has become aware of cases of recruitment fraud where individuals are contacting job seekers claiming to represent Kohler Co. These fraudulent parties are offering the job candidates a fictitious position with Kohler and then asking for them to provide sensitive personal information.  They are stating that it is necessary for the job seeker to send payment to cover a range of recruitment expenses and/or administration costs with the intention of gathering sensitive personal information (often used for identity theft).  These communications are fraudulent and do NOT originate from Kohler Co. or any of our recruitment partners. 

We take these kind of matters seriously and will continue to investigate them.  We regret that these unethical practices attempt to use our trusted brand for malicious intent.  Please reference the below information regarding our hiring practices to help you avoid recruitment fraud:

  • All of our career opportunities are posted on our careers website. 
  • Kohler Co. uses a formal application and interview process in which there is at least one in-person interview with a Kohler Associate.
  • Kohler does not ask for payment at any point in the recruiting process.
  • The completion of tax withholding or direct deposit forms would never be handled during the recruitment process. 
  • If you have any reservations about the legitimacy of communication you’ve received from Kohler Co., please contact our Corporate HR Services team at 1-800-456-1675.

Victims of recruitment fraud scams are advised to report them to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center for an investigation ( and contact the Federal Trade Commission (