Herbert V. Kohler, Sr. Earns Posthumous Field Artillery Award

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“If I have been able to do anything for my community and my country, it is because I have always had willing hands and willing hearts help me.”

These were the words of the late Herbert V. Kohler, Sr. during his 1950 Purple Heart acceptance speech. Now more than 70 years later, he has posthumously earned the prestigious Honorable Order of Saint Barbara Field Artillery Award, which recognizes individuals who have demonstrated the highest standards of integrity, professional competence, moral character, and selflessness.

In February 2022, Kohler Co. Board of Directors member Rachel Kohler accepted the honor on behalf of her grandfather, who served as a field artillery captain in the Army National Guard in France during World War I.

Captain Kohler was nominated by Engineering Manager Nicholas Rinaldi and Engineering Senior Project Lead Charlie Robinson, members of the Kohler Alliance of Veterans and Supporters Business Resource Group, as well as Kohler Archivist Amanda Liske, who uncovered the history of Herbert V. Kohler, Sr.'s service and lifelong military support.

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