Discover Kohler Business Resource Groups.

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Led by the passion of our associates, Kohler Business Resource Groups (BRG) are made up of like-minded individuals from across the business and are expanding around the world. While inherently diverse, each BRG is united under a common purpose: to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace. Kohler BRGs are authentic to the core—enriching our culture and enhancing our business.

Parents and Caregivers of Kohler (PACK)

Dedicated to empowering parents, caregivers, and families across various stages of life, PACK’s mission is to understand their unique needs, challenges, and opportunities and to provide supportive benefits and community-building activities.

Asian Resources of Kohler (ARK)

Asian Resources of Kohler (ARK) – works to foster an inclusive environment for associates of Asian descent and allies by offering unique initiatives and activities that promote a deeper understanding of Asian cultures. They do this through peer education, professional development, and community engagement.  

BOLD Ability

A global team of associates dedicated to creating a disability-friendly workplace. They offer support to associates with diverse abilities and unite to make a difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities in our communities.

BLK Catalyst

The BLK Catalyst business resource group is fully dedicated to leading positive change, building community impact and engagement, enhancing equity and inclusion, and providing opportunities for personal and professional growth for black associates. Fully empowered, BLK Catalyst and their allies are fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone can thrive.


Made up of mental health advocates from across Kohler, HeadsUP promotes the mental health awareness, education and support for Kohler Associates, family and friends affected by mental illness.

Kohler Alliance of Veterans & Supporters (KAVS)

With members from across each branch of military service and all walks of life, KAVS is creating a veteran friendly workplace through their work in recruitment, mentorship, business and community involvement.

Kohler Proud

Supporting the LGBTQ+ community, Kohler Proud is all about promoting workplace equality, inclusive of all sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions. Active within Kohler and its surrounding communities, Kohler Proud also has a strong focus on education and action. 


Dedicated to Indian culture and diversity, Namaste’s mission is to educate Kohler associates and celebrate Indian culture, traditions and life philosophies. Namaste works to create an inclusive culture for Indian associates and allies, with a focus on development and stewardship.

VIVA Kohler

VIVA Kohler brings together individuals from across the Latino community who share similar experiences, perspectives and challenges in order to build community among members and create a voice for traditionally underrepresented people. In addition to focused member development, VIVA Kohler provides cultural enrichment, consumer insights and community outreach.​


Kohler’s largest BRG with multiple chapters globally, Women@Work strives to cultivate an inclusive environment that supports and encourages women. This group shares similar and diverse experiences, perspectives and challenges, building community and contributing to the success of Kohler through focused member development, culture and consumer insights.

Young Professionals of Kohler (YPK)

Designed for those early in their career, YPK works to create an engaging and supportive environment for all Young Professionals of Kohler to grow their careers through networking and development opportunities.


Business Resource Groups in action.

Our BRGs definitely drive business impact. But in case you thought it was all conference calls and spreadsheets, here’s a glimpse into the community building and advocacy work these groups bring to life.

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